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Agni Manitite Pseudo-Tektite

Agni Manitite Pseudo-Tektite

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Agni Manitite is a rare pseudo-tektite that is very little known and can only be found in the Indonesian archipelago. Since Agni Manitite is mostly found underwater, the stone is even rarer as it is more difficult to find and obtain.
The name derives from the ancient Sanskrit term "agni mani" which means "pearl of divine fire". At first it was believed that Agni Manitite was a tektite formed when a meteor hit the earth. However, it has since been established that it is a pseudotektite, most likely formed by large volcanic eruptions that shot magma into the atmosphere. The magma cooled in the air, solidified, and rained down on the ground.

Agni-Manitite doesn't look like a special crystal at first glance, but when held up to a light source it becomes translucent and resembles other tektites. (see video)

This listing is for ONE intuitively selected piece. You will not receive the exact same piece as shown in the pictures unless there is only one piece available in that specific size. Please look at the picture to see the approximate size of the pieces in the different sizes.
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